Shining a light on Untold stories


Theatre Iridescence is a multilingual and multicultural theatre company currently based in Nagoya, Japan. Our aim is to celebrate and promote diversity within our community by creating works that draw from a wide range of experience and allow us to collaborate with a variety of actors and artists. Theatre Iridescence is committed to the development of the artists we feature through educational programs, internships and workshops. Our hope is that those who have a passion for and commitment to theatre, both on stage and behind the scenes, can find a place for personal advancement and growth with us. We aim to promote intercultural understanding while creating innovative, thought-provoking, high quality productions in Nagoya and beyond.






経理・制作:Alisson Ninomiya, Louise Corry


役者:Jessica A. Robison, Denise Hewitt, Lem Mauricio, Jodie Malcolm, Aimee Clark,  Ben Hiam, 生川桃子、高津咲季、加川未友、丹羽智則、川瀬 邦成, 坪井文隆



「SNOW ANGEL」2016年10月6日〜9日  七ツ寺共同スタジオ

「TRANSIT」  2017年7月1日〜2日   西文化小劇場

「王女メディア」2018年7月6日〜8日   愛知芸術文化センター