Transit is an original musical about Japan told through the eyes of its outsiders. Through a love story about a Hafu woman and her Australian boyfriend, the show reflects on the lives of those who are stuck " in transit". Themes such as being between cultures, identities, and reality versus goals and dreams are depicted through song, dance, comedy, and drama. Written by Aya Kawakami and directed by Jessica A. Robison, the show features some of Nagoya's finest actors, singers, and dancers. The music is written by David Freeman, a professional composer known in Japan and beyond for his film and animation scores, as well as his band, Sushi Cabaret, which has played at the prestigious Fuji Rock Festival. Supporting him are composers Aya Kawakami and David Dycus, both veteran musicians living in the community. 


演出はJessica A. Robison、脚本はAya Kawakami、音楽はAya Kawakamiの他、映画音楽の作曲家であるDavid Freeman、David Dycusが手掛けます。この4名に加え、名古屋の演劇界で活躍するアーティスト達が俳優や裏方として関わっています。


 Performances were held on July 1st & 2nd, 2017 at the  Nishi Playhouse, Nagoya, Japan. 

The Original Cast Recording is now available for download on CD Baby. Click the icon below to hear portions of the album and purchase!


INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN BACKERS: We would like to thank our amazing backers without whose support we could not have put on this show. 

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